Overwhelmed? Try This for More Peace and Productivity

peace Dec 03, 2018

Are you feeling overwhelmed and would you like to have more peace in your life? Overwhelm simply means the feeling of not having enough time to accomplish what we would like to achieve.

This is what you can do. First, pause for a moment and take a deep breathe. Get your mind calmed down so you can think more clearly.

When you are in a more relaxed mental state you ask yourself, “What is the most important thing for me to do next?” When your intuition tells you the answer, you give that 100% of your attention.

We overwhelm ourselves by holding in our minds the ten things we need to get done. Don’t overwhelm yourself with EVERYTHING just focus on the next step. You can’t develop your entire website in a day, but you can simply create the domain name. Take baby steps and get there bit by bit. The greatest things are created one step at a time.

Make your to-do list, but decide the top item to focus on and let the others go until that specific item is complete....

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An Answer to Every Question

intution Nov 08, 2018

There is an answer to every question and a solution to every problem.

The key is asking those empowering questions to find out what the Universe can bring to you.

This is what I suggest to my clients:

Get a three by five card and write down the question you would like to have answered. Be specific and clear.

"What's the next step in the direction of my dream?"

"Where is my workout CD?"

I use this second example because I had a client who wanted to improve her health. She wanted to find her workout CD because it had been effective before and she was going to do it again. So that was her question - Where is my workout CD?

Well, a couple days later, her daughter and her husband came up to her and suggested they all join a gym and hold each other accountable. She shrugged it off because it wasn't her CD.

The second tap on her shoulder was from her pastor. She went to church. And he actually said, "When you're working out, it's so important to find somebody that...

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Start With a Vision

vision Sep 28, 2018

Martin Luther King Jr. said, "I have a dream."

We all have a dream—that vision of a life that we would love to be living. I want to encourage you to step into that dream to give it energy to make it come alive.

What's a step that you can do?

Write your vision statement.

There are four areas to envision:

  • Health
  • Relationships
  • Vocation or creative endeavor
  • Time and money freedom.

Dive into these and write your vision for each. Think about what you would truly love because you don't know how to get there if you don't start writing it down.

That's a step that you can take today.

If you have not written a vision of the life you would love to live, write it today!

If you already have your vision, read it often.

If you want some help completing or expanding your vision, I would love to help. Sign up for a free strategy session using SEPTFREE coupon code. Or you can reach out to me by email. I'm glad to assist you in anyway I can.


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How Do You Tell the Universe You Mean Business?

manifesting Sep 24, 2018

How do you tell the universe that you mean business?

You make a decision.

It doesn't matter how small or large it is. The point is you're giving energy to it. You're telling the universe, "I mean business."

Make that phone call that will take 30 seconds (especially if it feels scary!)

Invest in yourself, if that's what you're supposed to do.

You know the next step, but you have to reach out of your comfort zone because that is where the magic happens.

Ingrid Did It

My client Ingrid reached out of her comfort zone.

She signed up for coaching. And the next day she got a book deal.

What was her dream? She wanted to have a business being a professional translator. When she made that decision, she gave energy to her dream. 

Here's what she said about her experience: 

"Working with Laura was life changing for me. I learned how powerful and important my mind is in creating the life I want. With Laura’s guidance and the accountability of the program, I was able to...
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