Use Repeated Thoughts to Manifest What You'd Love


Did you know you can manifest a life you love through repeated thoughts?

When I moved to San Antonio last year, I wanted a simple job.

The problem was that I didn't know anyone.

I didn't know the highway system or how to get around.

So I wanted simplicity.

I put out into the universe that I wanted a high school interpreting job, because it's simple.

You go to the same place every day. It's many hours.

As a bonus, as an interpreter in high school, you basically get paid to read because the teachers teach for about 15 minutes, and then you're waiting while students work on their homework for the rest of the period.

I started repeating the thought of a simple job in my head for nine months before I ever got to San Antonio.

I just kept putting it out there again...and again...and again.

When I arrived in San Antonio, however, I was told there was no way I would get a high school position because they've already been filled.

Well, I still had faith.

I met with an agency.

The owner of the agency reached out to a special ed coordinator of a school.

She told them about my skills and experience, and they made a special position just for me.

I had the simple job I wanted!

So, don't believe that you can't have what you want. Don't listen to others.

Keep putting the energy out there to manifest what you would love, because...

You CAN create that.

I hope you have an amazing day!

Creating With A Passion


Today, I'm so excited to introduce you to Laura Petrie of The Art Farm Women's Retreat in Paducah, KY, and show you the barn that she designed herself. Laura is truly someone who knows about creating with a passion. Watch the video to learn more.

She also has cottages and yurts on the land that you can stay in. But this is a creative space for women to come and use different kinds of mediums to create art that they love to make a life that they love, and to camp out and have a really good time.

She created her amazing barn from the foundation up. This is just a little bit of the land that women get to experience while they're here.

She created the lesbian film festival known as Cinema Systers Film Festival. Then, she took it one step further and decided to make it a women's retreat. The land is now open for women to camp, RV, and enjoy nature.

I asked her, "So why do you feel like it's your calling to do this for women?"

Her value of supporting women's activities grew stronger when she was at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival. Then, she and I met. This gave Laura the strength to follow her vision and instincts. She started the Airbnb business, and it's also on hipcamp. It continues to grow every day.

I also asked her, "So what's your secret to keeping it growing?"

You have to do what you can with what you have. During COVID, she started studying how to make money.  It kept coming back to her to "do what you can with what you have." She has a farm and some buildings and decided to turn it into a women's retreat.

It's known as The Art Farm Women's Retreat where she started Cinema Systers. Look it up. It's lovely.

What Would You Love


I have the coolest thing To share with you. I have a friend that has not liked his job for a very long time. He has complained about it often. I always tell him whatever you focus your attention on, the Universe will provide. Watch the video to learn more.

Thank God..he was laid off, but now he's freaking out about money.

I had him do an exercise that would help him figure out what he would love to do. I recommend you try it as well.

Simply write "What would you love?" on the top of a piece of paper, set a timer for 5 minutes, and start writing. You can write about your health, places you want to go, what work you would love to do, relationships, or anything that you desire.

Write continuously. Because when the ideas come from the Infinite, it's kind of like pumping water from a well. When it first comes out, It's brackish. After a while, it gets clearer and clearer the more you pump.

As a result of this exercise, my friend mentioned an idea that he has never mentioned to me before. He talked about it with excitement and happiness.

After he told me about it, I gave him his next steps which were to meditate/focus on his idea, and then ask the Universe, "What is my next step?"

He found his passion. And is asking the Universe what to do next.

I hope you discover what you would love today. 

Becoming Better to Attract Better


Today we are talking about the Law of Compensation.

It goes without saying that we typically want to get back whatever we put in. We desire a return on investment for the work that we do in this life.  Watch the video to learn more.

Raymond Holliwell writes, “When you perform your task to the very best of your ability, or when you are thorough in your work and do it well, you infallibly bring out the best there is, and you grow more capable and efficient. You become better. And the law is that he who becomes better will attract the better and be given the greater thing to do.” 

He also says it's useless to pray for a new home if you can't take care of your present one. 

The point here is that if we want to manifest better things into our lives, we have to do the work. 

So if you're wanting a better job than the one you have right now, go out and make those phone calls, show up on time, and have a positive attitude. 

If you're wanting a new home, keep the one you have beautiful and clean. 

Whatever it is you're wanting to bring into your life, work extra hard in that area. 

I know you have things you want to manifest into your life because you are unhappy with them at the present moment.  

So my question for you today can you do something better to bring yourself to a higher vibration?

Increasing What Comes Into Our Lives


 Today I want to talk about the Law of Increase so we can expand and grow what comes into our lives. 

A better way to phrase this is the Law of Praise. Watch the video to learn how to bring more abundance into your life.

Raymond Holliwell states, “Praise is the shortest route to complete any demonstration (manifesting) and the quickest way to enjoy effectual prayer. Praise expands and opens the mind upward while the opposite condemnation contracts and restricts.”

What he is saying we want to praise ourselves and be proud of our accomplishments. We also want to praise and acknowledge another’s efforts.

We often do this with children, but it is important to praise adults as well.

Praise can be as simple as saying THANK YOU when someone opens the door for you. 

When you incorporate praise into your life, not only do they feel better for the compliment, but it raises your vibration as well. You physiological composition will improve.

Holliwell also says, “When one can sing praises in the face of diversity, the adversity will soon disappear.”

This is being thankful for the toughest moments of our lives because there is a wonderful lesson to be had with every hard experience. 

When you are upset about a failed relationship or having lost a job, take the time to praise it by saying thank you for the opportunity to take you to a better place. The ill feelings will decrease, and your mental health will improve.

Consider praising five people today to make them feel a little bit better.

And don’t forget to praise yourself for you accomplishments as well!

Receiving Gifts From the Universe


Today I will talk about the Law of Receiving which is also a part of the Law of Circulation.  You have probably heard the phrase, “To give is to receive.” 

Watch this video to learn how to better receive the gifts of the Universe so many more can flow to you.

In order to receive more from the Universe, we must first give.  The best way to do this is through tithing.  Many have a bad taste in their mouth for being required to give to their church and being forced to give their money.

Giving to a church is not what I am talking about here. I want you to consider to give to where you are Spiritually fed. 

For some it might be to a National Park because they feel closer to God when they are out in nature. For others it is giving to a rescue shelter because they feel the most at peace and connected to the Universe when they are spending time with animals.

Giving actually activates the Law of Receiving which brings more substance into your life. 

BUT when you give to a place that you feel Spiritually fed, it MUST to a place that increases prosperity. 

Raymond Holliwell says, “When we give to one that doesn’t put forth the effort to help himself, we need not expect a good return.”

You are working hard to improve yourself by watching these videos, so you can grow. You want to give where organizations are encouraging others to grow and learn or improve the earth.

The saying is, “You can give a man a fish and feed him for a day. You can teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime.”

Tithe or give back to the Universe, so it can come full circle back to you.

Please consider where you can give that will benefit you Spiritually and others as well. 

Co-Creating The Life You Desire


Raymond Holliwell wrote a very powerful book called Working With the Law. Here is what he had to say about heaven on earth.

“Heaven is actually a condition and a state of mind that can be had NOW as well as the here-after. All failures in life are due to taking sides with the finite around us. Success in life is due to taking sides with the law within us.” By Raymond Holliwell

We create our lives. We plant seeds with our mind. Putting it out into the Universe and the “Law” is our connection to Spirit, our Higher Power, God, Universe or whatever you choose to call it. 

We get to co-create what we would love to have in our lives.

So when I say, “Working with the law.” I mean we are working with the Universe or whatever Higher Power we have that makes us strong and powerful and manifests a life we would love to live.

What would you love to focus on to co-create with the Universe?

There You Are


John Kabat-Zinn wrote Wherever You Go There You Are. He made an amazing point about staying in the moment no matter what situation you are involved. Watch this video for some insight on being happy no matter what your circumstances.

We tend to think if we were in a different job or a different relationship or on a vacation, life will be better.

This falls under “The grass is always greener on the other side.”

The problem is no matter what vacation you go on or what job you are working, you are still there.

You still have the same attitude and the same goals. 

So instead of wanting to be somewhere else thinking that will make you happy, be peaceful in the moment.


Do not give up on your goals and dreams, but find happiness in your current situation.

I heard a story from Wayne Dyer in which he talked about meeting 2 people on his walk along the beach in Hawaii.

A man was considering moving there and asked what the people were like. Wayne asked him, “Well what are the people like where you are from?” The man’s response was, “They are stingy, grumpy and often in a bad mood. That’s why I am thinking about getting away and move to Hawaii.” Wayne replied, “It is pretty much the same way here.”

Later a woman approached him and asked the same question, “I am thinking about moving here. What are the people like?” Wayne’s response was the same, “Well what are the people like where you are from?” Her response was, “The people are amazing and friendly. I love being around them. That’s why I am vacillating on where to live.” Wayne said, “That is exactly how the people are here.”

This was his response because WHERE EVER YOU GO…THERE YOU ARE.

What you create in your life currently will follow you no matter what your geographical location.

Is there something you think will be better if you change your relationship, location or job?

Think about finding peace in the moment right now whether it is enjoying a sunset or reading an amazing book.

New Year...New Goals...But Where's The Money Going to Come From?


Welcome to a new year filled with new hopes, new dreams, new adventures, and new goals.

So many new resolutions for us to start over and do better.

We have all these big dreams, BUT where is all the money and resources going to come from so we can accomplish everything we would love this year?

Watch the video to learn about increasing your financial abundance.

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It is based on my recently released eBook which has four secrets, but tonight I will give you a fifth powerful secret to increase your abundance even faster.

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Let’s have some fun and learn something new and simple that will bring more and more into your life.

Increase Your Financial Abundance in 2021


We are about to start a new year; therefore I have created a new workshop for you on January 6th about my e-book.

Watch the video to learn more about the workshop.

The workshop is Four Simple Secrets to Financial Abundance.

It is a new year with New Year’s resolutions. 

We want to do more and be more, but where are the resources going to come from to support our dreams?

In one week, January 6th at 8 PM CST, I will come to you via zoom to explain my e-book.

In the published e-book there are only four simple secrets, but I am going to give you a fifth bonus secret that will increase your abundance astronomically.

I would love to see you at the workshop next week!

But until then, have a Happy New Year and enjoy your celebration!

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