I speak about the incredible power of the mind. Through stories and humor, I love to help my audience see how they can co-create a life they love by changing their thought patterns and increasing their gratitude.
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"Lauraโ€™s passion for helping people maximize their personal happiness shows in this fun, engaging workshop. She genuinely wants people to wake up each day with a smile. Her enthusiasm and guidance taught me I have the tools I need to reach my goals. I walked out of the workshop no longer afraid to dream big, because I know I can make those dreams a reality. "

Natalie B.
Katy, Texas
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"Having Laura Cole present a session for our leaders at our Summit was a great decision! Our team had a fantastic experience and many leaders chose to continue working with her in smaller groups and one-on-one. We learned how to adjust our mindset and what we tell ourselves, as well as believing and manifesting our dreams and goals. She is terrific! We look forward to having her return next year!"

Dana Lea Loukanis
Executive Director, RockinPZ.com

My Most Requested Topics

I speak on topics related to vision, increased business revenue and client retention, abundance, and gratitude. You can read more about my most requested topics below. I can present these as a keynote or workshop. I also offer half-day and full-day seminars. I will tailor my presentation to help support the goals you have for your event or organization.

The path to fulfillment is paved with intention; if we design our lives from the inside out rather than allowing outside circumstances to dictate our future, we are living a vision-driven life. This workshop will teach you skills for identifying your dream and implementing strategies to set you on your path to abundance. You can co-create a life you love; this is the first step in getting there.

When we learn to have fear instead of it having us, we are able to become a person who can accomplish anything. This is because fear is actually a sign that we are growing; the most successful people in the world are willing to get uncomfortable, or step into fear. It is the edge of the unknown, the blank space between what is and what can be. With this workshop, we will identify which fear is getting in our way of moving ahead and then start creating a life we love living.

Is your business or personal life not expanding as quickly as you would like? Are you trying hard to figure things out but feel like you are not getting anywhere? This presentation will teach you how to ask empowering questions so you can get answers to any problem you may be facing. We will clarify what you would truly love to accomplish and learn techniques to get you there.

In order to increase success with our business we must first increase our frame of mind. This presentation will encourage you to think bigger than you ever have before and set goals that you didn’t think were attainable. I am here to teach you that ANYTHING is possible. We will discover limiting thought patterns that are getting in our way of growth and how to overcome them so you can create a business that is thriving. We will also increase our awareness in order to find solutions.

Are you feeling a sense of lack in your career, finances, relationships, health or every day enjoyment? This presentation will show you how to increase the abundance in all areas of your life. There are small steps you can take that can reshape the world around you. We will dive into the practice of gratitude and increasing your energetic vibration to bring more prosperity into your life.

What is the number one thing that prevents us from achieving our goals? Our thoughts. This presentation will discuss our paradigms, thought patterns that are holding us back. We will learn to recognize our limiting beliefs and how to overcome them in order to start living a life we truly love. In order to increase success with our business and personal life we must first increase our frame of mind. This presentation will encourage you to think bigger than you ever have before and set goals that you didn’t think were attainable. I am here to teach you that ANYTHING is possible.

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