Women Leaders, It's Time to Be Heard!

Dr. Laura Cole is a motivational speaker, author and Sign Language interpreter that empowers women to create a clear vision and harness the power of their minds to translate their dream into reality.


Why the World is Deaf to Women’s Voices

(and it's hurting your career)

  • Often, we fail to speak up with confidence
  • We are taught from a young age to be seen and not heard.
  • Historical patterns hold us back
  • Assertive women can be labeled as aggressive
  • Loudness is perceived as brazen or lacking professionalism
  • We shy away from being direct

You Deserve to Be Heard

Dr. Laura Cole teaches you the skills and tools you need to shine. Break out of the limits holding you back and learn the language of possibility.

You are not alone in this journey. Your voice matters, and your ideas can make a difference. 

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"Laura is a dynamic speaker and coach. Her positivity is infectious. She has the ability to connect on a deep level with the people she encounters both in her speaking engagements as well as one on one. Laura has the ability to inspire, encourage and motivate those around her while creating a safe space. I highly recommend her services especially for those who wish to get unstuck and manifest their best life. If you are unsure where you are going, or just don't know how to get there, Laura will guide you with love, humor, and wisdom."

Margo Green
Galloping to Greatness

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Dr. Laura Cole is a professional sign language interpreter, author and motivational speaker as well as highly successful entrepreneur specializing in helping others discover their truest joy and manifest it into being.

Laura has been a workshop leader and professional presenter for over 15 years, and an adjunct professor at Texas Tech University and Lone Star College-Cy-Fair. She received her Masters in Social Work from Gallaudet University and her Doctorate in Spiritual Studies from Emerson Theological Institute.

Program Descriptions

Living a Vision Driven Life is an empowering keynote that delves into the journey of aligning with your true passions and soul's purpose.

By honing in on your desires—what you truly aspire to be, do, or have—it guides you towards profound self-discovery and inner healing. This transformative experience helps you recognize and overcome self-sabotaging patterns, enabling lasting change from the inside-out. Through practical tools and insights, participants learn to design a conscious vision, unlocking their full potential and removing barriers to success.

The keynote equips attendees with invaluable strategies for manifesting abundance and creating extraordinary results in all aspects of life. Ultimately, it's a journey towards becoming your best self, opening up to the richness of existence, and embracing all that life has to offer.

Join us in embarking on this transformative quest to live a purpose-driven life filled with fulfillment and abundance.

In a world where women's voices often go unheard, Dr. Laura Cole, a women's leadership mentor, offers invaluable insights and strategies to help you reclaim your power and make your message resonate. Drawing from her experience as a sign language interpreter, Dr. Cole illuminates the disconnect between words and body language, guiding women leaders towards authentic communication that commands attention and respect.

Through dynamic speaking points, Dr. Cole addresses common challenges faced by women in leadership, from feeling overlooked in meetings to battling imposter syndrome. She advocates for confidence, directness, and preparedness, urging women to trust their intuition and speak their truth boldly.

Dr. Cole emphasizes the importance of clear, effective communication and the transformative power of authenticity. With practical tools and heartfelt encouragement, she empowers women to step into their leadership potential, be heard, and inspire change in the world.

Join Dr. Laura Cole on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, and unleash the full impact of your voice as a woman leader.

Unlock the keys to conflict resolution and effective communication through the lens of a seasoned sign language interpreter. In this dynamic keynote, you'll discover the transformative power of understanding people's emotions as soon as you step into a room, attuning to their energy and decoding subtle cues like body language and vocal tone. Delve into the richness of cultural backgrounds to foster deeper connections and ensure messages resonate authentically. Learn the importance of tailored communication, selecting words and concepts that bridge understanding across diverse perspectives.

Yet, the true battleground lies within. Explore your inner dialogue—your confidence, worthiness, and the presence of negative or positive thoughts. Are you envisioning success or foreseeing obstacles? Trust your intuition to guide your words and actions, fostering a harmonious exchange. Challenge repetitive negative thoughts, replacing them with affirming beliefs.

We will embark on a journey of self-discovery and mastery in communication, revolutionizing the way we navigate conflicts and connect with others.

Join Dr. Laura Cole for an electrifying keynote experience tailored for sales teams, where she unveils the secrets to unlocking effective communication and skyrocketing sales. In this captivating presentation, Dr. Cole shares invaluable insights gleaned from her experiences as a sign language interpreter, illuminating the profound impact of clear, confident, and purpose-driven messaging.

Discover how to transcend communication barriers and connect authentically with clients by honing in on your vision and confidently articulating your "why." Dr. Cole's unique approach, blending sign language and music, delivers a message more powerful than words alone, leaving audiences inspired and motivated to take action.

Through engaging storytelling and practical strategies, Dr. Cole guides teams on a transformative journey, equipping them with the tools needed to cut through the noise, captivate their audience, and drive meaningful results. From deciphering the subtle signs of insecurity to cultivating resilience and clarity, attendees will emerge empowered to amplify their impact, increase sales, and lead with purpose.

Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your approach to communication and unleash your team's full potential. Book Dr. Laura Cole today and embark on a journey towards unparalleled success.

"I have lived my life tempering my dreams based on what felt realistic to me at the time, but Laura encourages you to think bigger and to explore the details of those dreams in a very specific and detailed way. The specificity makes the dream feel more real and more attainable; it has given me a lot to think about and some new tools with which to do that thinking."

Sarah N.
Katy, TX

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