There You Are


John Kabat-Zinn wrote Wherever You Go There You Are. He made an amazing point about staying in the moment no matter what situation you are involved. Watch this video for some insight on being happy no matter what your circumstances.

We tend to think if we were in a different job or a different relationship or on a vacation, life will be better.

This falls under “The grass is always greener on the other side.”

The problem is no matter what vacation you go on or what job you are working, you are still there.

You still have the same attitude and the same goals. 

So instead of wanting to be somewhere else thinking that will make you happy, be peaceful in the moment.


Do not give up on your goals and dreams, but find happiness in your current situation.

I heard a story from Wayne Dyer in which he talked about meeting 2 people on his walk along the beach in Hawaii.

A man was considering moving there and asked what the people were like. Wayne asked him, “Well what are the people like where you are from?” The man’s response was, “They are stingy, grumpy and often in a bad mood. That’s why I am thinking about getting away and move to Hawaii.” Wayne replied, “It is pretty much the same way here.”

Later a woman approached him and asked the same question, “I am thinking about moving here. What are the people like?” Wayne’s response was the same, “Well what are the people like where you are from?” Her response was, “The people are amazing and friendly. I love being around them. That’s why I am vacillating on where to live.” Wayne said, “That is exactly how the people are here.”

This was his response because WHERE EVER YOU GO…THERE YOU ARE.

What you create in your life currently will follow you no matter what your geographical location.

Is there something you think will be better if you change your relationship, location or job?

Think about finding peace in the moment right now whether it is enjoying a sunset or reading an amazing book.


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