Increasing What Comes Into Our Lives


 Today I want to talk about the Law of Increase so we can expand and grow what comes into our lives. 

A better way to phrase this is the Law of Praise. Watch the video to learn how to bring more abundance into your life.

Raymond Holliwell states, “Praise is the shortest route to complete any demonstration (manifesting) and the quickest way to enjoy effectual prayer. Praise expands and opens the mind upward while the opposite condemnation contracts and restricts.”

What he is saying we want to praise ourselves and be proud of our accomplishments. We also want to praise and acknowledge another’s efforts.

We often do this with children, but it is important to praise adults as well.

Praise can be as simple as saying THANK YOU when someone opens the door for you. 

When you incorporate praise into your life, not only do they feel better for the compliment, but it raises your vibration as well. You physiological composition will improve.

Holliwell also says, “When one can sing praises in the face of diversity, the adversity will soon disappear.”

This is being thankful for the toughest moments of our lives because there is a wonderful lesson to be had with every hard experience. 

When you are upset about a failed relationship or having lost a job, take the time to praise it by saying thank you for the opportunity to take you to a better place. The ill feelings will decrease, and your mental health will improve.

Consider praising five people today to make them feel a little bit better.

And don’t forget to praise yourself for you accomplishments as well!


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