Be Careful What You Ask For


Ask and ye shall receive is such a popular phrase. That is what we are going to do this week.  Our next manifesting experiment is going to be asking for a specific concrete answer.

Watch the video to learn how to ask concrete questions so the Universe can bring us what we desire.

We have to be very careful for what we ask for.

I had a client that said she REALLY wanted to start her own business. Within four hours, she got laid off.

This was a great opportunity to start living her dream immediately.

This is also why we need to be exact when asking the Universe for what we would love.

For the next 48 hour experiment, you will think of a concrete, exact answer you would love to have an answer to.

When I did this experiment, I was struggling financially and was worried about how to pay off my debt. I needed to know if I should consolidate my credit cards or get a loan from the bank.

I asked the Universe which option I should choose.

When driving home from church, I passed a shopping center that I had driven by hundreds of times and saw a marquee that said LOAN. 

Although I had been this route many times, I had never seen it before.

My answer was there, clear as day, but for the first time, I saw it.

The best part is before I could go into the bank, I discovered $38,000 I had access to that I never realized was there. 

We think we know the answer, but the Universe can steer us in an even better direction.

For the next 48 hours, ask the Universe a concrete answer of two options or to give you a yes or no answer. 

I can’t wait to hear what answer the Universe provides for you!


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