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All you need to do to join is simply click this link and you’ll be on your way to a peaceful state of mind. 

Like you, I’ve had to adapt to the challenges of coping and dealing with a new routine since Covid-19 turned the world upside down. It has been a confusing and stressful time for all of us.     

But recently, many of you have reached out to me with private messages asking for more guidance and inspiration as a way to navigate through the day to day challenges that the coronavirus has presented.

I found a great solution!

I’ve wanted to create something for daily inspiration for a LONG time, but other priorities kept pushing it to the backburner. But with all the messages and requests that keep coming in, now feels like the perfect time.

With this in mind, I am creating a program called “Daily Inspirations.”

The goal of the program is to provide daily videos to help you: 

  • Maintain a peaceful state of mind 
  • Focus on the abundance of life instead of fear, anxiety, and scarcity.
  • Focus on your dream and to
  • Continue growing in your Spiritual Journey 

The way it works is each weekday, beginning June 1, you will receive a video via email with a daily inspirational prompt, along with a journal for recording thoughts, feelings, and gratitude’s to help you sustain a grateful heart and a peaceful mind. 

In addition, I will be creating a private Facebook community. The goal of the private group is to have a safe and nurturing place to meet and mingle with others who are on a similar journey. 

Creating this program has kept me up at night with the wheels spinning! I see so much potential and it turning into something even better and truly unique, and that is where you come in. 

I’d love to extend an early invitation to you because I want you to be part of this, especially if you’re willing to help me shape this program into something truly special. 

Meaning, if you join me as a Founding Member and you’re willing to help contribute ideas on how we can make this THE best place for daily inspiration, then I’m willing to extend a “Founding Member” price.

When this program is open to the general public, I anticipate the starting cost to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $20 per month. So here’s the best part. . .

Join me today as a Founding Member and your price will be half of that at only $10 per month. And...

We Live in an Abundant Universe


We often live in a state of lack and scarcity. The most predominant area would be finances or thinking there is not enough money. There are other feelings of lack such as:

Relationships and thinking, “I don’t have enough love in my life.” 

Health: “I am not feeling good and I can’t overcome this disease.”

I want you to change your mindset that we live in an all abundant Universe. 

It doesn’t matter what sense of lack we are feeling, there are several things we can do to overcome these feelings.

1.Bless everything you have. Walk around your house and go into gratitude for every single thing you have in your home. Say, “Thank you for the beautiful pictures on the wall that are visually pleasing to me. Thank you for the hot running water. Thank you for my microwave. Thank you for my washer and dryer so I do not have to wash my clothes by hand.” I give thanks for my books because there are those in third world countries that don’t even have pen and paper. 

There is so much for us to be thankful for, and when we focus on what we do have, the Law of Abundance will create more in our lives. 

2. Give in the area you feel you have the most lack. It seems crazy, but when we take the energy to give, it will grow as well. It is called the Law of Circulation. Where you give will always come back to you. In relation to your health, give someone a cough drop to help them stop coughing. When you are having financial problems, I encourage people to tithe. This does not need to be to a church, but where you are Spiritually fed. That could be to a national park where you love to hike or to a rescue shelter because you feel most connected to God when you are with animals. 

3. Celebrate another’s success. We don’t want to go into the negativity of jealousy. We want to go into, “I am so happy for you because you just got a brand new sports car because I am about to get one too.” 

Bless everything you have, give where you are felling lack and celebrate another’s success. These three practices will get you past lack or the thoughts of scarcity and not having enough in your life. 

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False Evidence Appearing Real

fear health mindset Dec 18, 2019

Today we are talking about a very exciting subject…FEAR. I like to say it is False Evidence Appearing Real. All it means is that you are on that green growing edge of becoming something bigger and better. 

Instead of running from it, I want you to wrap your arms around it and say, “Thank you!” Because this is a sign that you are going to a great place that you have never been before.

Just because there is fear it doesn’t mean you can’t. It only means you haven’t yet.

How can we overcome fear?

  • Put your focus back on your vision and allow yourself to feel what it is like to have these things accomplished and already in your life.
  • Realize what is the truth and what is a fact. The truth is we have a connection with a Higher Power that can give us an answer to every question and a solution to every problem. 
  • Stay away from the “what ifs” that can take over our lives and rarely come true.

When we follow these three simple concepts, we can overcome fear. 

So today, if you are feeling scared, worried, or anxious, go back to “What would I love?” Look at your vision statement and feel what it is like to be living that life.

The situation you are experiencing right now is only a fact, and facts will change. The truth of what your Higher Power can do for you will never change.

Increasing Our Sense of Deserving


Today I want to talk about increasing your sense of deserving because the Universe can only bring to you what you feel you are worthy of receiving. 

When we place limitations on ourselves that tells the Universe to place limitations on what we would love to manifest.

In order to increase our sense of deserving, we can:

First, make a list of 20 successes you have experienced in your lifetime. They need to be both big and small. It can range from…I got my degree to I fed my kids today, or I got out of bed when I didn’t feel like it. Then every day, write AT LEAST one success you have had recently. 

Second, surround yourself with people that are supportive and believe in you 100%. I encourage individuals to dream bigger than they ever have before, and if you tell others this, they may say it isn’t possible. You want to surround yourself with people that believe ANYTHING is POSSIBLE.

Third, let go of your negative thoughts. We tend to love others so much more than we love ourselves. So today, start talking to yourself the same way you would talk to a loved one.

I hope you will utilize these suggestions because they will increase your sense of deserving which will lead to greater and faster manifestation.

Visualization Meditation


Previously I talked about creating your vision statement. Well, I know you got that done. So now that you have it written down, you may be asking yourself, "What do I do with that?" The next step I want to encourage you to do is to start doing a visualization meditation.

The reason we do a visualization meditation is because we want to send as much energy as we possibly can to this dream which will bring it into our lives.

A great approach to this is to sit down. It does not matter if you’ve got a meditation pillow or you use a kitchen chair. Make sure it's quiet, and that you won't have any interruptions. Close your eyes. Then start the five, five, and five method which is breathe in slowly, for a count of five, hold it. Breathe out, slowly with the count of five, hold it, and do it five times. This will get you in a more calm and meditative state.

Once you feel relaxed and focused, start visualizing in your mind your vision statement that you just created. See yourself walking through the streets of Paris and then standing in line to go up the Eiffel Tower, sipping red wine while eating a seven course meal.

Or maybe you’re walking into your new house, opening up the front door, and seeing an open concept living room with a couch that seats twelve. You walk into the kitchen, see your partner cooking and smelling how good it is, and then sitting at the table to eat an amazing meal. You walk into the master bathroom and it is bigger and bigger than you ever thought it could be with marble counter tops and a spa like tub.

When you meditate about your vision, I want you to imagine it with all five senses. What are you eating? What are you smelling? What do you hear? Incorporate all five senses. Maybe you are walking along the beach and you feel the sand beneath your toes. You then sit down to drink your coffee, watching the radiant sun come into the sky.  You hear the waves splashing towards you. You see the beautiful picture of this place that you've created in your mind. You feel at peace because this is the life you want to live.

It’s important that you read your vision statement every day, but now I want you to sit down, be still and quiet, and visualize it with all five senses as if it's already there. You are getting yourself on the same energetic vibration of your dream so, it can quickly manifest into your life.

Creating a Vision Statement


Today I want to talk about creating our vision statement. That is your order to the universe about what you would love to manifest into your life. 

I want to encourage you not to just focus on one thing. I teach that all four quadrants are important.  Those quadrants are health, relationships, vocation and time, and money freedom. 

If you had all the money in the world and all the time the world, what would you be, do, or have? It can be anything you want to improve or something that you've always wanted to do. For health, is there an illness you want to heal? Maybe you're wanting to crawl around on the floor with your grandchildren or do a triathlon. For relationships is there one you're wanting to mend, or a soulmate you would love to bring into your life? For vocation, are you wanting a raise or start your own business? What would you love your working environment to look like? 

If you had time and money freedom, what would you love to be, do, or have? Write this in present tense as if it's already happened, “I am so thankful and grateful that…” I got my raise of $45,000. I love that I found my soulmate. 

Fill it with passion, so you can attract that energy back to you. And don't just write about what you think you can do. Write about what you would love to do. 

And if you would love to calibrate this vision statement with me, you can sign up for a strategy session. Just go to my website, LauraCole.io or follow the link below. Because you took the time to watch this video, you get a discount of fifty percent. Type the code “SAVE50%” when signing up for the strategy session

Writing your vision statement is the first step to manifesting what you would love to come into your life. My hope is that you take the time to do that for yourself today.  I hope to talk to you soon. 


Healing Yourself

health mindset Sep 10, 2019

I always say that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

One of my favorite stories is in relation to a healing when I cracked my tooth.

I had been focusing on healing for a while. I already understood the relationship and vocational quadrant when it came to manifesting, but I still needed more experience with the health quadrant. I had heard about miraculous healings, but I really didn’t understand how that worked.

I focused on “How does this work?” and as I have said before, “God always says yes.” I was given the answer.

One day while I was eating, I bit down and cracked my tooth. I went to the dentist and he put a crown on my tooth, but he didn’t do it right. I had to go back to his office three times to have it ground down.

By the third time, the nerve of that tooth was so inflamed that I had to go to a oral specialist.

The specialist told me that although my nerve had not been exposed due to the cracked tooth, I would still have to get a root canal. Apparently, the older you get the roots to your teeth get smaller and the blood circulation lessens. Thus when a tooth is inflamed, it is difficult for it to heal.

He then proceeded to tell me, “If you were 14 or 15 years old, you would be able to heal, but because of your age, you will have to get a root canal.”

I thought to myself…GAME ON!

I’ve told people that they can heal themselves, and this was my opportunity to prove that point.

I meditated on what it feels like for my mouth to be healed and to enjoy eating and chewing my food. I did this daily for six weeks, and the pain went away.

My tooth was healed. It has been years, and I have never had another problem with my tooth.

Like I say…ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. You can heal yourself, but you have to get into that mindset of believing and knowing that it can be your truth.

 Peace and blessings,


I have a dream

vision Aug 27, 2019

Martin Luther King said, “I have a dream.”

We all have a dream.

It is a vision of that life that we would love to be living. I want to encourage you to step into that dream, give it energy, so it can come alive.

What is a step that you can take? Write your vision statement.

There are four areas: health, relationships, vocation (or creative endeavor) and time and money freedom. 

Dive into these. Think about what you would truly love because you don’t know how to get there if you don’t make a decision of where you want to go. 

Give yourself this gift of writing a vision statement to start yourself on a new incredible journey of a life you would love to live. 

I know that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. And I want you to realize that too. 

If you would like some help in pinpointing what you would love so you can start creating your vision statement, sign up for a strategy session. I can help guide you to a life in which you can become truly happy.

Peace and blessings,



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