Being Fluid and Changing Plans


I'm currently in Maryland and staying with a friend just north of DC to explore the area. I recently learned that sometimes you just have to change your plans. Watch the video to learn more.

I don't think it's natural for people to be with each other 24 hours a day which is what my 13 year old son and I have been doing for almost 4 months. So we've decided to make a HUGE change of plans.

He is flying home to Houston for a couple weeks which frees me up to hang out with friends and my spiritual peeps. I'm super excited! 

The lesson for today is that yes, we make plans, but we also get to be fluid. Life is plastic. If you open up to other possibilities and aren't so stringent about where you have to be, you get to experience so much more.

I now get to join a friend who's officiating a wedding. I'm also going to a workshop to study dragons. I get to learn something new, and it's exciting.

So when things are getting too stringent and they seem too tough, take a deep breath and see how you can possibly change your plans.

Thoreau and Ben & Jerryโ€™s Ice Cream


I had the honor to go visit Walden Pond outside of Concord, Massachusetts. This is where Thoreau stayed for 2 years, 2 months and 2 days to write his book Walden. This book is his life of contemplation of connecting to nature and showing the importance of truly who we are. Watch the video to learn more.

Today, I feel blessed. I got to walk the pond and meditate with the chipmunks and squirrels. It was absolutely fantastic! I also got to see his 10 x 15 square foot home.

So what do you want to contemplate today?

How can you cherish and love nature? What can you do for the Earth to show that you love it?

P.S.- I'm so excited because Noland and I just drove 2.5 hours just to go to the Ben and Jerry's factory tour. That's 5 hours of driving just for this 30 minute tour. But this place is amazing! I'm so excited to be here!

Meditation to Resolve a Traumatic Event


Last week, I talked about a meditation exercise I learned from Jean Houston that will help you through a traumatic event. Watch the video to learn more.

My traumatic event was a relationship with a friend that had to end, and it didn't go well. I was upset with the way it ended and how I acted. Because I have held onto this for a long time I tried this meditation exercise.

To do this meditation exercise, you get into a meditative state by doing the 5-5-5- method. Breathing in for 5 seconds, hold, breathing out for 5 seconds, and repeating this 5 times. This helps you get to a place of calm.

Then, you go back to that moment that brings you discomfort and visualize it the way you would love for it to happen. Instead of a texting conversation where it didn't go well, you are sitting face to face on the couch and talking.

For example, you might be saying, "I am sorry, but I have not followed through on my boundaries. I need to do that now." You do this in a peaceful calm way, which is the way you would have loved for it to happen.  

This exercise rewires the neurotransmitters in your brain so that you can process the event differently. It's setting the stage for a new experience. It can't be changed from what happened, but you can change your mental perception around it now.

If I'm not being clear, please reach out. I will call you or email back for more clarification because I would love for you to have the experience of being able to let go of any situation in your life that doesn't serve you. I also would like to suggest that you start with a small conflict, not something huge and traumatic. 

So try this exercise, work through your unfortunate event, and let me know if you need any help.

When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Will Come

Uncategorized Sep 29, 2022

I've had the best time! I went to Six Flags yesterday. I've done some cool hiking by a waterfall.  Now we're headed to Niagara Falls. I really want to tell you about is the amazing gift from the Divine I received today. Watch the video to learn more.

My Aunt Hilda is one of my favorite people. I got to go to breakfast with one of her best friends, and she gave me the biggest gift.

There has been something that I have struggled with for 3.5 years. It is a resentment toward another person, and also a resentment for myself for the way I dealt with a situation.

Recently, I've asked the Universe to please help me find a solution, because I want to let it go.

My aunt's friend reminded me of an exercise that I've already done with Jean Houston. I have already experienced it, but I totally forgot about it. I was given me the gift of remembering.

As soon as I got back to the trailer, I went to a waterfall where I meditated. I did the exercise that I was divinely told to do, and I feel better than I have in a long time.

Thank you for the gift. Keep asking for what you would love and trust that the answers are coming. 

What can you ask the Universe for today?

Inspirations from the Henry Ford Museum


Henry Ford also said, "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right."

Recently, I was in Dearborn, Michigan at the Henry Ford Museum. Here are some awesome inspirations that I got while I was there. Watch the video to learn more.

There are a few things I know I CAN do. I know I can drive this RV all over the country. I know I can also choose to change my mindset.

There are a lot of things we CAN do. Sometimes, we just need to give ourselves more credit. 

What is something you can choose to do today?

Sometimes You Get Poop On Your Hands


This morning I realized I never told you my black tank poop story. It's a good one.  Watch the video to learn more.

I had to dump my black tank for the very first time, which is where all the poop and pee is stored. I took it to a Flying J. because they have dump stations. What I didn't realize is there are four little pegs to match up on your hose, not three. I only did three, and I opened up the tank.

Everything came spilling out. It went all into my gloves and was completely disgusting!

So what's the point of the story? Sometimes we get poop on our hands. It's disgusting, but we learn from it. We promise ourselves to do it differently next time.

As my mama always said, "You repeat a lesson until it's learned." What is a lesson you have recently learned? Share it with me on Facebook.

Creating With A Passion


Today, I'm so excited to introduce you to Laura Petrie of The Art Farm Women's Retreat in Paducah, KY, and show you the barn that she designed herself. Laura is truly someone who knows about creating with a passion. Watch the video to learn more.

She also has cottages and yurts on the land that you can stay in. But this is a creative space for women to come and use different kinds of mediums to create art that they love to make a life that they love, and to camp out and have a really good time.

She created her amazing barn from the foundation up. This is just a little bit of the land that women get to experience while they're here.

She created the lesbian film festival known as Cinema Systers Film Festival. Then, she took it one step further and decided to make it a women's retreat. The land is now open for women to camp, RV, and enjoy nature.

I asked her, "So why do you feel like it's your calling to do this for women?"

Her value of supporting women's activities grew stronger when she was at the Michigan Womyn's Music Festival. Then, she and I met. This gave Laura the strength to follow her vision and instincts. She started the Airbnb business, and it's also on hipcamp. It continues to grow every day.

I also asked her, "So what's your secret to keeping it growing?"

You have to do what you can with what you have. During COVID, she started studying how to make money.  It kept coming back to her to "do what you can with what you have." She has a farm and some buildings and decided to turn it into a women's retreat.

It's known as The Art Farm Women's Retreat where she started Cinema Systers. Look it up. It's lovely.

Abundance Comes from GIVING Not Getting


I am so super excited to be in Paducah, Kentucky. I get to give a workshop to a group of amazing women at The Art Farm Women's Retreat. I will add a link below for you to learn more about her. Watch the video to learn more.

I've been reading The Abundance Book by John Price. The book says that if you're wanting abundance, don't do things to "get". Instead, do things to give.

What can you spiritually do for others? How can you improve their lives?

I feel super blessed that I get to present my workshop because this is what I love to do. I'm giving up my time and expecting nothing in return but the love and the light on their faces when they have spiritual realizations. 

What can you do today that will improve someone else's life?

***Are you needing a little help seeing something good in every day? Here is a link to my Daily Inspirations to keep you energized and in a positive mindset all day.***

Grateful For A Torn Down Trash Filled Fence

Uncategorized Aug 26, 2022

I am staying at a beautiful campsite. I get to see trees and a stream. It is absolutely beautiful until you get to the back of the trailer where there is this torn-down, litter filled fence. Watch the video to learn more.

I was complaining about it and saying that this would be the perfect campsite IF the fence wasn't littered. Then, I talked to a lady who told me the fence was like this because there was a flash flood a few weeks ago. Several people lost their RVs. If we would have been here in the same spot, my RV would have been destroyed.

Today's lesson is to be grateful for what you have. There's no need to complain. Find the beauty in every situation. You can look away from the parts that aren't so pretty and be grateful that you're not in a bad situation. 

What can you be grateful for today?

***Are you needing a little help seeing something good in every day? Here is a link to my Daily Inspirations to keep you energized and in a positive mindset all day.

When a Truck Blocks the Service Entrance

Uncategorized Aug 18, 2022

Sometimes a truck blocks the service entrance. Yesterday, I went to go get my oil changed. There is online one oil service station in this small town in Kansas. I got there super early, so I could leave early that day. Watch the video to learn more.

There was a truck blocking the service door. I couldn't get in to change my oil.

Then, I went back to my cousin Debbie's to finish my load of laundry and found out that it had gotten stuck on the washing cycle. I had to start it over again. I went back inside to make my eggs and came back out to put my clothes in the dryer...still stuck.

I was trying to get out by 8:00 AM, so I could make it to a museum in Kansas City. But it turns out, the Universe didn't want me there. I didn't end up leaving until 11:00.

I decided to meditate. I focused on figuring out what I needed to do to get in a better place. I want to open up my Facebook, and this is what I found:

"The happiest people don't have the best of everything. They make the best of everything." - Zig Ziglar

"Successful people maintain a positive focus on life no matter what's going on around them. You may wonder how this is possible, especially when faced with great loss, serious hardship, impactful disappointment, or uncertainty about the future. It is possible to embrace even the most difficult challenges while still drawing on the incredible power of positive thinking. The key is developing the ability to refine your outlook so you're focusing on gains and possibilities rather than losses and worries."- Jack Canfield

My loss and worry were that I wasn't going to make it to the art museum, but the Universe had different plans for me. It turns out the museum wasn't even open that day.

My day didn't work out the way I had planned, but I got to go into town later and have pizza at my cousin's house. While I was there I got to play with their beautiful baby Lowen who actually has a hearing loss. We got to work on some sign language together and connect.

It ended up being a great day. I found a positive slant for the day, but I started by finding some positive quotes to put me in a better place.

So my question for you is this...

When you're in a funk and things aren't going the way you planned, what can you do to find a more positive frame of mind? Can you realize the Universe is trying to steer you in a different direction? What can you do...


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