gratitude Jul 09, 2019

In my vlog today, I have my son, Noland, to tell you about one of my favorite things in the whole wide world and that is being THANKFUL.

Every night when we sit around the dinner table, we have what is called our thankful circle. We each take turns talking about our day and saying what we are thankful for.

We also have a gratitude wall in my office that anyone that comes over can write on it with sharpies to say what they are thankful for. I use permanent markers so it can stay forever.

My son recently wrote that he loves baseball. When he was three, he said he loved cotton candy and rocks, so we wrote that on the wall for him. It is very important to me that I teach him and my entire family to be thankful.

Peace and blessings,


Elephants and River Reed Thinking

paradigms Jun 22, 2019

Today I want to talk about “River Reed Thinking.”

This concept was created by how elephants were trained in India to work in the fields.

When the elephants were small, the trainers would tie a thick rope around their foot and connect it to a stake in the ground, so they could not move. Every time the baby elephant tried to move, they felt the tug of the rope on their leg.

The thought pattern that developed for the small elephant was: “If I have something wrapped around my ankle, I won’t be able to go anywhere.”

Because this became their mindset, after a very short period of time, the trainers could transition from using thick ropes to the thin river read plants that were indigenous to the area. When the elephants felt something around their foot, it triggered their belief and thought pattern that they would not be able to go anywhere.

That’s how paradigms—our mindset, beliefs and thought patterns—get in our way.

It is possible that something happened to us when were younger. Something triggered our mind and we became stuck, unable to move.

When you are having a fear about doing something you would love, that is a paradigm blocking you and getting in your way.


Break out of the box. Step into your fear. Do something new today, so you can live a life you love. 

Peace and blessings,


Manifest More Money

abundance manifestation May 28, 2019

The number one thing that people would like to manifest is money, so I would like to teach you two ways to bring that into your life.

1. Don’t ask for a specific amount of money.

If you ask for $25,000, you do not know how that money will come. Someone could pass away and you get $25,000 in life insurance money. That is probably not the way you want it to come.

Instead get clear and exact about what you would love to get for the $25,000. Examples: airline tickets to Australia, a Disney World vacation, a new yacht, or the down payment for my house. Get specific with the Universe on what you would like to do with the money.

2. Focus your attention on what you want to manifest.

Where you place your attention is what will expand in your life.

Pay attention to the abundance that is coming into your life. Make an abundance list. Every time something unexpected comes into your life, write it down.

Examples: I got a free pen at the bank today, my friend took me out to lunch, I got a $1 off coupon at the grocery store, I found a penny on the street, I saved 20% on a couch I wanted to buy.

When you start to realize the abundance that you already have in your life, the abundance will EXPAND and GROW.

Peace and blessings,


Have FUN

happiness love May 16, 2019

My advice for you today…HAVE FUN!

Get out there and do something that you love.

 You could...

  • Laugh until you can’t breathe.
  • Go bowling.
  • Dance in the park.
  • Have a dance party in your living room.
  • See a great movie.
  • Call someone you love.

If you are feeling stressed, you have to change your state. Give it some different energy and focus your mind on something you would love.

Whatever it is, do something fun TODAY. Enjoy life! You are only given this moment once. You never know when it is going to end.

So enjoy today, embrace it, and turn it around to make it a good one!

Peace and blessings,


Befriending Your Fear

overcoming fear May 01, 2019

I want to teach you to overcome any fear you have.

What can you do?

You can wrap your arms around it and say THANK YOU for being in my life.

Does this sound crazy?


But I want you to control fear instead of fear controlling you.

There is a story about a little girl who ran up to her mom and said, “He’s chasing me! He’s chasing me! What do I do? And the mom says, “Stop running.”

That is what I want you to do. I want you to stop running from things that scare you. Wrap your arms around your fear and say, “I know this means I am growing. It doesn’t mean I can’t. It simply means I haven’t.”

Love your fear. Befriend your fear. Have gratitude because this means that you are on the green growing edge of the greatness you were meant to become.

Love your fear, and it will no longer control you.


Turning Around Toxic Thoughts

gratitude health Apr 16, 2019

People that are stressed out at work get heart attacks. Others that are stressed can get stomach ulcers. That is because toxic thoughts create a toxic body.

When you are miserable, your body gets out of alignment because you are putting it in a negative vibration that will decrease the effectiveness of your immune system. We want to keep the body at a place of healing itself, but when we continuously have negative thoughts in our mind, our body will keep breaking down.

What can you do to turn this around?

  • Notice when you are focusing on the stress and the terrible things that are occurring in your life.
  • Tell yourself that is not where you want to be.
  • Acknowledge you would rather be healthy.
  • Go into a place of gratitude and be thankful for what you have.
  • Take deep breaths to put you in a calmer state.

Remember…if you are constantly thinking about getting sick or worried about getting an illness that another person has, God always says yes to the thoughts that you hold. If you are dwelling on being sick, then you will become sick.

Instead give yourself a break, relax, enjoy your life and go into gratitude. Your body will stay healthier and your mind will be in a great place.


forgiveness manifestation Apr 04, 2019

One of the greatest blocks to manifest what we would love is choosing not to forgive.

You might say, “I am not going to forgive. They were terrible to me!” Maybe they were mean and cruel or did destructive things.

Forgiveness is not about them. It is about giving yourself the gift of releasing those negative, angry thoughts that are getting in the way of bringing in those brilliant beautiful ideas from the Divine into your life.

As long as you are mad or resentful about them you are giving them energy and power. Don’t give that to them anymore. They don’t deserve it!

Focus instead on yourself. Give yourself some love.

Find that little bit of compassion because there is a reason they got to this place and had to be that kind of person.


I want you to open yourself up to a life you want to live because until you realize the power they are taking from you, you will not be able to let it go.

Forgiveness works. It is NOT about them. It is about you getting peace back into your life.

If you need more support with this, reach out. I can give you some steps to start back on the road to forgiveness.

Peace & Blessings,

Client Success Story!

gratitude success Mar 13, 2019

I am so excited about my client that I just have to share! In only seven months she has completely turned her life around. She has doubled her salary, found her soulmate and moved to Wisconsin which is a dream she thought would take YEARS to accomplish.

She is working these principles. She created a clear vision. She has made the conscious choice to have gratitude and made a DECISION to change her life.

I would love for you to make a decision, write your vision and step into gratitude because I want you to have the same results as she has.

If you would like some support, click here to sign up for a strategy session to develop your vision and start living a life you love. I would love to celebrate with you just as I celebrated with my client today.

Paradigms (and what you can do about them)

fear intuition paradigm Feb 27, 2019

Paradigms are the belief systems and thought patterns that have been developing since you were a child. They can often come from your family or the environment that you have been exposed to.

Paradigms block you without you realizing it is happening.

I had a client whose intuition told her that in order to improve her income it was important that she place her candle products in other businesses. People entering each location could smell the wonderful scents, grab her card and purchase her candles.

For THREE weeks, she avoided taking the necessary steps to contact the business owners.

I recognized that a paradigm was getting in her way.

What she realized was when she was a small child, she had an experience of rejection that she had been holding on to ever since.

Once she recognized the fear that was holding her back, she made phone calls to reach out to the businesses. Within 10 minutes, she had three business that were willing to use her candles.

We put things off that scare us, but all we have to do is step into our fear and take the next step.

Sometimes, it only takes 10 minutes to be able to bring into our lives more of the life that we love.

How to Find Your Soulmate

Uncategorized Feb 14, 2019

Are you wanting to find your soulmate?

My recommendation is for you to write down the 50 characteristics you would LOVE for them to have.

What do they look like? What kind of personality do they have? Do they like sports or walks in the park?

List everything that you think the ideal soulmate would have.

The next step is to BE everything on that list.

If you want them to kayak with you, go out and kayak. If you want them to enjoy doing dishes, wash dishes with joy in your heart.

This is you getting on the same vibration as your soon-to-be partner for life.

The last step is to EXPECT this person to come, but let go of how it will happen. Let the miracles of the Universe work in your favor.


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