Overcoming Fear


I want to talk to you about a tough subject…fear.

We often experience this in our lives through worry and anxiety.

The good news is fear is simply on the border of what we currently know. It doesn’t mean we can’t. It only means we haven’t taken that next step. 

Fear is feedback letting us know we are on a new green growing edge and are stepping out of our comfort zone. 

COURAGE is moving ahead in spite of our fear. So today I want you to wrap your arms around fear and say THANK YOU because it means you are growing into so much more.

You are getting out of your comfort zone and doing something new. Instead of going into fear, go into gratitude and say THANK YOU.

You are taking that courageous step to create a life you love. 

Question for the day: Where can I move ahead in spite of my fear?

You’ve got this!

- Dr. Laura Cole

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