Breathing Meditation


For the month of October, I am going to focus on meditation. I want to dedicate this to my dermatologist who is having a hard time slowing down. Watch the this video to learn about alternate nostril breathing to slow your racing mind or anxious body.

This technique is relatively simple. You will use your thumb and ring finger or pinkie.(your hand will look like the Y shape) to close off different sides of your nose. Start by placing your ring finger or pinkie on your left nostril and breath in on the right side of your nose for the count of four.

Next, close the right side of your nose with your thumb and breath out through the left side for the count of four. Hold for two seconds and breath in on the same (left) side. Close the left side with your finger, open the right side to breath out. Hold for two seconds and breath in for the count of four.

Move again to the left side to breath out and then in pausing between each breath.

If you would like to add to the practice, place your pointer and middle finger between your eyebrows. This represents the third eye which is our connection to the Universe and our sixth sense. Do the same exercise as above with your thumb and ring finger. If you so choose, you can close both nostrils and hold between each out and in breath.

Continue this exercise for 3-5 minutes. I guarantee you will feel more relaxed than when you started.

Observe Nature & It Will Tell You What To Do

Uncategorized Sep 15, 2021

During my adventure in Hawaii, I volunteered with a Botanist who taught me about Kumulipu, an Hawaiian chant. It speaks about how the earth works as a unit. Watch the video to learn more about how Mother Earth gives us clues on how to take care of ourselves.

We as humans try to control nature, but nature will win every time.

What can you do to work with nature? How can you protect it?

Listen or watch to see what signs nature is giving you today.

Preserving Hawaiian Land

Uncategorized Sep 08, 2021

Communing with nature is so important if we are to keep Mother Earth healthy. Watch this video to see what I learned this summer while visiting Maui when I volunteered for a botanical reserve.

Nature heals us whether it is giving us renewing energy during a hike or medicinal plants that keep us healthy. It is important that when we take from nature we ask permission, listen to our intuition and honor if it is not wanting us to take from the land.

This week consider thanking nature for everything it provides for us: oxygen, beauty, life sustaining food and medicine. Treasure it. Love it.

Take the time to slow down and really look at a tree or a flower to see its beauty. This is meditation.

Increasing Your Sense of Deserving


Today I want to talk about increasing your sense of deserving because the Universe can only bring to you what you feel you are worthy of receiving. 

When we place limitations on ourselves that tells the Universe to place limitations on what we would love to manifest.

In order to increase our sense of deserving, we can:

First, make a list of 20 successes you have experienced in your lifetime. They need to be both big and small. It can range from…I got my degree to I fed my kids today, or I got out of bed when I didn’t feel like it. Then every day, write AT LEAST one success you have had recently. 

Second, surround yourself with people that are supportive and believe in you 100%. I encourage individuals to dream bigger than they ever have before, and if you tell others this, they may say it isn’t possible. You want to surround yourself with people that believe ANYTHING is POSSIBLE.

Third, let go of your negative thoughts. We tend to love others so much more than we love ourselves. So today, start talking to yourself the same way you would talk to a loved one.

I hope you will utilize these suggestions because they will increase your sense of deserving which will lead to greater and faster manifestation.

How to Obtain More Success


Today we are talking about the Law of Success. If you are wanting to bring more success into your life, watch this video

Raymond Holliwell says, “Great things are no less possible than small things, and it's the great things that will follow whoever uses the law with faith and understanding. Whatever your present state or condition may be, there is a better and larger future in store for you.”

You cannot rise into the better and greater things unless you take action.

A quarter in the eyes of the Universe is equivalent to thousands of dollars. If you can manifest a quarter on the street, you can manifest $10,000. That's what I got the summer that I reached out to the Universe and told her that is what I needed.

In order to be successful by utilizing the principles we have learned over the last few weeks, we will be given ideas from the Universe when we visualize our future. But when we're given the ideas, we have to follow through with action.  Do not let fear hold you back.

Over the last two weeks, what idea, thought, or inspiration have you had to step forward into what you would love to create? 

Bring that to mind and make a commitment today to do something about it.  Step into your beautiful future. 

Doing What We Know is the Right Thing To Do


Today we're talking about the Law of Obedience, which is basically doing the next right thing. Watch this video to learn more.

Raymond Holliwell defines the Law of Obedience as, “Living in the present. Do your highest duty every day, forget the past, and let the future take care of itself.”

There's nothing you can do about the past.  In the present you can make a vow to change your thoughts, behavior, and actions. 

Stay in the moment. Stay focused. Do the best you absolutely can so you can create a better future. 

My question for you today is can you stay in this moment today? 

Also make it a point to notice when those past memories come up where you're being down on yourself and demeaning because you made a mistake. If it was yesterday, or even two years ago, forgive yourself, love yourself, let it go, and decide to change your behavior in the future.

Start focusing on what you would love to co-create with the Universe.  Visualize as if it has already happened, so you can bring it into your life today. 

Always do your best, do your diligent duty, stay in the moment, and be present.

Sacrificing One Thing for Another


Today we are talking about the Law of Sacrifice.

This one is not so fun, but something always has to be sacrificed to create something else.  Watch the video to learn more.

That might mean going to bed earlier so you can get a good night's sleep. Maybe it means breaking off that relationship with a family member, so you can have peace of mind.  It could mean spending an hour longer at work instead of binge watching your favorite TV show.  Whatever it is, one thing has to be sacrificed for the other.

Raymond Holliwell says, “Beginning of such success is first the desire for discipline of your time and thought.  An undisciplined life is an insane life.” 

With the Law of Sacrifice, it's about getting disciplined about what's more important.  Is it more important to go out every night to run for 30 minutes to get in better shape?  Or is it more important for you to sit on the couch and relax? 

Both sound great. But for you, at this moment in your life, what is most important to get you to the goal that you would love to achieve?

So when you are thinking about what you want to co-create with the Universe, think about what you can sacrifice today to get you closer to the goal of what you would love to become. 

Letting Go of Control


Today we are talking about the Law of Resistance. We try to hold on and control so much outside of us, and we're using that push energy to try to make it happen.

But that's not the way of the Universe. We want to sit back and let it be. We take action with the ideas we have, but not force anything to happen. Watch the video to learn more.

Raymond Holliwell says, "If a man resists a situation, he will have it always with him. If he tries to run away from it, like a shadow, it follows him. If he ignores the hardness of the condition and fearlessly works around it, he will find a time when that hard condition will have been absorbed and removed.  Accept the condition as some evidence of good. Look for the good."

I recently talked about the fact that there's a good in every situation. If you feel yourself pushing back trying to make something happen and it is not working, sit back, stop being resistant, go with the flow, and listen to the ideas that are being brought to you from the Universe to make it easier.

I want to leave you with this passage from Raymond Holliwell:

"The little stream is not interested so much in the boulder or tree that's blocking its path as it is in hurrying along and reaching a larger stream, a river, the mighty ocean, which is the source of all things. It does not waste any time with the obstacle, but quietly works its way around the interference and hurries on."

What is interfering in your life?  What are you resisting that you're pushing, and it isn't changing?

Today I want you to recognize that, and then realize how you can sit back and ask for answers from the Universe so life can be much easier.

After-all, we don't want a hard life...we want an easier one.

Becoming Better to Attract Better


Today we are talking about the Law of Compensation.

It goes without saying that we typically want to get back whatever we put in. We desire a return on investment for the work that we do in this life.  Watch the video to learn more.

Raymond Holliwell writes, “When you perform your task to the very best of your ability, or when you are thorough in your work and do it well, you infallibly bring out the best there is, and you grow more capable and efficient. You become better. And the law is that he who becomes better will attract the better and be given the greater thing to do.” 

He also says it's useless to pray for a new home if you can't take care of your present one. 

The point here is that if we want to manifest better things into our lives, we have to do the work. 

So if you're wanting a better job than the one you have right now, go out and make those phone calls, show up on time, and have a positive attitude. 

If you're wanting a new home, keep the one you have beautiful and clean. 

Whatever it is you're wanting to bring into your life, work extra hard in that area. 

I know you have things you want to manifest into your life because you are unhappy with them at the present moment.  

So my question for you today can you do something better to bring yourself to a higher vibration?

Increasing What Comes Into Our Lives


 Today I want to talk about the Law of Increase so we can expand and grow what comes into our lives. 

A better way to phrase this is the Law of Praise. Watch the video to learn how to bring more abundance into your life.

Raymond Holliwell states, “Praise is the shortest route to complete any demonstration (manifesting) and the quickest way to enjoy effectual prayer. Praise expands and opens the mind upward while the opposite condemnation contracts and restricts.”

What he is saying we want to praise ourselves and be proud of our accomplishments. We also want to praise and acknowledge another’s efforts.

We often do this with children, but it is important to praise adults as well.

Praise can be as simple as saying THANK YOU when someone opens the door for you. 

When you incorporate praise into your life, not only do they feel better for the compliment, but it raises your vibration as well. You physiological composition will improve.

Holliwell also says, “When one can sing praises in the face of diversity, the adversity will soon disappear.”

This is being thankful for the toughest moments of our lives because there is a wonderful lesson to be had with every hard experience. 

When you are upset about a failed relationship or having lost a job, take the time to praise it by saying thank you for the opportunity to take you to a better place. The ill feelings will decrease, and your mental health will improve.

Consider praising five people today to make them feel a little bit better.

And don’t forget to praise yourself for you accomplishments as well!


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