Noticing the Abundance in Your Life

abundance abundant life Jan 19, 2024

People often ask me, how do you grow your abundance?

Well, the number one things I say - besides having gratitude - is to make a daily list of abundance.

What abundance was brought into your life today?

I'm working with a neighbor who I absolutely love, but he is stuck in the mindset that he is controlled by his finances because he's on Social Security.

I told him to start recognizing the abundance that comes into his life.

He constantly talks about how much he saves at Costco.

Or he went to a farmer's market and got a crate of spinach for only $5. I said, that is HUGE because a little bitty bag of spinach at the store costs $5. So, you probably got $50 worth of spinach in that one crate!

We are given gifts every day of abundance.

It doesn't just have to be those dollars that come into your bank account.

And one abundance I would love to give you is the free class that I'm offering.

Here's the link - but you have to sign up by tomorrow (Jan 20). Registration closes at 9pm Eastern.

We're starting next Wednesday (January 24). And you've got to have your Vision Statement completed before the first class.

I hope to see you there!

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If not, write down that daily abundance list so you can bring more and more into your life.

I hope you have an amazing day!



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