Kisses From Wolves


My son Noland and I are out at Mission: Wolf in West Cliff, Colorado.

We are 9500 feet up in the Colorado mountains. It's a sustainable, non-profit educational wolf sanctuary. They have 24 wolves right now.

Noland and I found this place on our RV adventure last year, and we have been back four times since because...

This is where I'm blessed.

This is where I'm loved.

This is where people are grateful.

This is how I create a life I love.

And this is what I want for you.

So enjoy a few pictures of our trip here at the end of the video.

You'll see a couple of the wolves licking our teeth when we're smiling, because that's how they say hello – and it's totally safe.

And get this. . . they have great breath!

Who would've thought?

I hope you have an amazing day!


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We Did It!


WE DID IT! We manifested my 2020, Velocity Blue, Ford F250, fifth wheel towing, three-quarter-ton truck. Watch the video to learn more.

All it took was a text from a dealer that I had talked to weeks ago. He reached out to tell me he found a truck, and that he could deliver it to me. What makes this even better is that it's a really good price. 

I'm sending this out to say "thank you" and to reinforce that anything is possible. Especially when we do this together.

I admit that I went into a little bit of worry. That's why I reached out to you last week to ask for your help.

You're the collective conscious that gave me support and energy and look what we did! We did it together.

That's the way co-creating with the Universe works. It's why I teach and live it.

Thank you again for your help and support.

The next time you start to go into worry about something you are trying to manifest, I encourage you to reach out to your collective conscious, including me. 


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