Choose to be Happy


Today I'm talking about making the choice to be happy — making the choice to get in a better mood and be in a higher vibrational state.

This is because I saw a meme last week that was hilarious.

It said: "Are you having a bad day?...

...or have you had a bad five minutes but you've been milking it all day?"

That's what we do.

We ruminate about stuff that we have no control over when we can just let it go instead.

Yesterday, I had a student who walked in and said, "I'm pissed off! The bus went around a different way, and I was late."

She stayed upset for a long time.

I finally said, "You're choosing to stay upset because of what the bus driver did an hour ago instead of letting it go."

She smiled because she didn't even realize she was doing it.

If something comes up, take the next right step, whatever  you can do. And then let it go, because you have no control of persons, places, or things.

I would love for you today to choose to be happy.

Be cognizant of what you are putting in your brain and the words that are coming out of your mouth. Are you milking it because it's only been five minutes, or is it really a bad day?

I hope you have an amazing day.


Life is Not Perfect...But It Can Be

life lessons perspective Oct 31, 2023

Lately, I've been coming to you from my car because life isn't perfect.

Ideally, I'd set up my tripod. I'd put my mic in. It would sound PERFECT!

But you know what? I'm at a job and this is the main time I can do this.

People say life isn't perfect, but it can be. You make those choices of perfection, even in the worst of situations. Because that is where you learn the most.

So you can decide that this very moment is perfect, whether it feels great or if it feels lousy. Because you go into that lesson that you're supposed to learn in life.

So give yourself that perfect moment.

Perfectly great that you can take a breath today.

Perfectly great because you are able to walk on both feet.

Whatever that is, decide – "this is my perfect moment! I can give it a different perspective."

Have an amazing day!


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