Volkswagen Jetta Principle


Today we are going to prove that our energetic vibration will get us what we would love to have in our life.

The next experiment is called the Volkswagen Jetta Principle which shows us that the answers are always there, but often we don’t see them.

We overlook countless amounts of information every day.

When you go into a store there are thousands of items, but we focus on what we need to get and overlook everything else in the store.

When my daughter had a canker sore, I went to the toothbrush isle that I had visited many times to look for something to relieve her pain. On the top shelf was a mouthwash that worked wonders in healing the canker sore. 

It was ALWAYS THERE. I just had not NOTICED it because I had never looked for it before. 

For our next experiment of 48 hours, we will set our intent on noticing what is in our environment.

On day one, pick a specific color car that is unusual. Keep your eye out for how many you see.

I picked the color light blue that I didn’t remember ever seeing. I saw eight cars that color in 24 hours!

On day two, pick something else like butterflies, but do not limit yourself to live butterflies. Notice them in other places.

For example, I chose to focus on blue feathers. In 24 hours I saw them:

  • In a picture I had for over 20 years that had a blue bird which meant blue feathers
  • A car dealership billboard with a huge peacock that had one blue feather
  • On my refrigerator was a drawing from my son of a turkey with a blue feather
  • At a park was a banner on a light pole with the picture of a large blue feather

I had overlooked these feathers for years and they had always been there.

Have fun with your observation experiment!


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