Pave the Way With Honesty


Many years ago, when I moved to Lubbock, Texas, opportunities for sign language interpreters were scarce.

I interviewed for a position at Texas Tech University, where they emphasized the need for a long-term commitment.

At the same time, I knew there was a potential for another company, Video Relay, to open in town, which would offer me more work.

Choosing honesty, I informed Texas Tech about this possibility and my need to consider it. I was the primary breadwinner, supporting my family and putting my ex-husband through school.

I didn't get the job at Texas Tech.

However, two weeks later, an incredible opportunity arose. An amazing man moved to town, who needed a full-time interpreter for his work. This became the best job I’ve ever had in my 25 years of interpreting.

This experience taught me that honesty, even when it seems to close doors, can lead to greater and more fulfilling opportunities.

I wish the same for you — may your truth pave the way for unexpected and wonderful possibilities.

Blessings From a Double Blowout

blessings gratitude Mar 21, 2024

Last week, you might remember that I took my friend on an RV fishing trip to Arkansas.

Well. . . on the way home I had a double blowout.

My brakes were severed. I waited for AAA for 6 hours and they never came.

But an angel came and did change the tire for me.

It (the RV) has to be there for several weeks for repair. I had to drop it and drive back to Texas and I'm now living with my ex-husband and son.

But here's the great part.

There's been so many blessings. I've been able to have some awesome conversations and work through a lot with my ex-husband.

I had a conversation with my son that wouldn't have happened if we had gone back to the trailer.

So, when terrible things happen, like I lost my home for several weeks, so much can come.

I said to myself, what's my lesson? What's my opportunity?

My opportunity was to grow amazing relationships, get to a new place and realize what I love. . . that I love living in my own home.

So recognize the blessings that come with terrible things that happen in your life.

Know that they are coming.

Expecting Blessings


The next few weeks are going to be SO MUCH FUN. We will be doing experiments to help us realize our energetic force and the power we truly have within us to create.

Watch this video to learn about your Field of Potentiality when it comes to manifesting what you would love to come into your life.

Pam Grout states, “The Field of Potential (God, Universe, our Higher Power) is not a person, therefore you cannot bug him. The Field of Potential is a power, an unseen energetic force. It isn’t finite or limited. You can certainly ask as much of it as you would like.

We need to think of God more like we think of electricity. Electricity doesn’t care who plugs in a curling iron and doesn’t need proof we are good enough to make it work.”

This week’s experiment will take 48 hours because we want to give the Universe a specific time to give us what we would love to know or manifest. 

The experiment will be to ask for a UNIQUE UNEXPECTED BLESSING. 

When I did this experiment, I was able to get through a post office line in 5 minutes instead of the normal 45 minute wait, I had an interpreting assignment that cancelled and got to get paid to read a book for four hours and I found a great TV show to watch with my pre-teen son (this is something huge due to his age!).

Stay focused knowing the blessings are coming and be ready to recognize them when they come.

Have fun with your experiment with the Field of Potentiality.


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