Pave the Way With Honesty


Many years ago, when I moved to Lubbock, Texas, opportunities for sign language interpreters were scarce.

I interviewed for a position at Texas Tech University, where they emphasized the need for a long-term commitment.

At the same time, I knew there was a potential for another company, Video Relay, to open in town, which would offer me more work.

Choosing honesty, I informed Texas Tech about this possibility and my need to consider it. I was the primary breadwinner, supporting my family and putting my ex-husband through school.

I didn't get the job at Texas Tech.

However, two weeks later, an incredible opportunity arose. An amazing man moved to town, who needed a full-time interpreter for his work. This became the best job I’ve ever had in my 25 years of interpreting.

This experience taught me that honesty, even when it seems to close doors, can lead to greater and more fulfilling opportunities.

I wish the same for you — may your truth pave the way for unexpected and wonderful possibilities.


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