Meditation to Resolve a Traumatic Event


Last week, I talked about a meditation exercise I learned from Jean Houston that will help you through a traumatic event. Watch the video to learn more.

My traumatic event was a relationship with a friend that had to end, and it didn't go well. I was upset with the way it ended and how I acted. Because I have held onto this for a long time I tried this meditation exercise.

To do this meditation exercise, you get into a meditative state by doing the 5-5-5- method. Breathing in for 5 seconds, hold, breathing out for 5 seconds, and repeating this 5 times. This helps you get to a place of calm.

Then, you go back to that moment that brings you discomfort and visualize it the way you would love for it to happen. Instead of a texting conversation where it didn't go well, you are sitting face to face on the couch and talking.

For example, you might be saying, "I am sorry, but I have not followed through on my boundaries. I need to do that now." You do this in a peaceful calm way, which is the way you would have loved for it to happen.  

This exercise rewires the neurotransmitters in your brain so that you can process the event differently. It's setting the stage for a new experience. It can't be changed from what happened, but you can change your mental perception around it now.

If I'm not being clear, please reach out. I will call you or email back for more clarification because I would love for you to have the experience of being able to let go of any situation in your life that doesn't serve you. I also would like to suggest that you start with a small conflict, not something huge and traumatic. 

So try this exercise, work through your unfortunate event, and let me know if you need any help.


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