False Evidence Appearing Real

fear health mindset Dec 18, 2019

Today we are talking about a very exciting subject…FEAR. I like to say it is False Evidence Appearing Real. All it means is that you are on that green growing edge of becoming something bigger and better. 

Instead of running from it, I want you to wrap your arms around it and say, “Thank you!” Because this is a sign that you are going to a great place that you have never been before.

Just because there is fear it doesn’t mean you can’t. It only means you haven’t yet.

How can we overcome fear?

  • Put your focus back on your vision and allow yourself to feel what it is like to have these things accomplished and already in your life.
  • Realize what is the truth and what is a fact. The truth is we have a connection with a Higher Power that can give us an answer to every question and a solution to every problem. 
  • Stay away from the “what ifs” that can take over our lives and rarely come true.

When we follow these three simple...

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Paradigms (and what you can do about them)

fear intuition paradigm Feb 27, 2019

Paradigms are the belief systems and thought patterns that have been developing since you were a child. They can often come from your family or the environment that you have been exposed to.

Paradigms block you without you realizing it is happening.

I had a client whose intuition told her that in order to improve her income it was important that she place her candle products in other businesses. People entering each location could smell the wonderful scents, grab her card and purchase her candles.

For THREE weeks, she avoided taking the necessary steps to contact the business owners.

I recognized that a paradigm was getting in her way.

What she realized was when she was a small child, she had an experience of rejection that she had been holding on to ever since.

Once she recognized the fear that was holding her back, she made phone calls to reach out to the businesses. Within 10 minutes, she had three business that were willing to use her candles.

We put...

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