The Answers Are Within Us


As a sign language interpreter, I am not allowed to give advice or express my opinion.

My role is simply to be a communication moderator. I'm there to facilitate.

So, when a client asks for my opinion, I respond by asking them questions.

I believe that all the answers are within us. We don't need an external source to find clarity.

By asking clients questions about their comments, they can become clear.

They can gain a better understanding of their own thoughts. This approach helps them explore their own insights without being influenced or led in the wrong direction.

In everyday life, we can all benefit from asking ourselves and others thoughtful questions to uncover the answers that already lie within.

I hope you have an amazing day.

What Is There for Me To Learn?


The theme for today is "What there is for me to learn today?"

Curiosity is a wonderful thing. Perhaps you've asked yourself...

"Why am I feeling this way?"

"Why is this happening?" 

And ultimately, "What is there for me to learn from this experience?"

These questions can lead us down the path of self-discovery.

It might be something really small – I need to give more eye contact.

Or big – I need to move to a different place because this is not what's serving me.

Meditate on this question today: "What can I learn today?"

Talk to Spirit and see what's out there for you to grow and create.

I hope you have an amazing day!

Asking Guardian Angels for Help


Today, I want to talk about guardian angels. I pray to people that have passed on. They are my guardian angels. Watch the video to learn more.

Who I pray to depends on where I need help. If it's about finances, I'm talking to my dad. If it's about relationships, I'm talking to my mom. If it's about fear and worry, I'm talking to my grandma. When they were alive, these were the areas they excelled. 

My Papa, who I don't tend to ask for guidance, was a used car salesman and then a used tractor salesman. He was incredibly good at his job and taught me how to negotiate deals for vehicles. I realized before I went in to buy my RV, I needed to ask Papa for his guidance and to help me make my decision.

I know that he was there with me. He made it happen. I can't even begin to tell you about the great deal that I got.

I did the research and the work, but I used the techniques that he taught me. I feel like he was sitting there with me telling me what to do.

I've been told that your guardian angels can't help you unless you ask for help. So ask for guidance. Ask for help. They are there supporting and advising you what to do. You just have to listen.

I encourage you to talk to your guardian angel today to get what you would love to come into your life.


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