Letting Go of Control


Today we are talking about the Law of Resistance. We try to hold on and control so much outside of us, and we're using that push energy to try to make it happen.

But that's not the way of the Universe. We want to sit back and let it be. We take action with the ideas we have, but not force anything to happen. Watch the video to learn more.

Raymond Holliwell says, "If a man resists a situation, he will have it always with him. If he tries to run away from it, like a shadow, it follows him. If he ignores the hardness of the condition and fearlessly works around it, he will find a time when that hard condition will have been absorbed and removed.  Accept the condition as some evidence of good. Look for the good."

I recently talked about the fact that there's a good in every situation. If you feel yourself pushing back trying to make something happen and it is not working, sit back, stop being resistant, go with the flow, and listen to the ideas that are being brought to you from the Universe to make it easier.

I want to leave you with this passage from Raymond Holliwell:

"The little stream is not interested so much in the boulder or tree that's blocking its path as it is in hurrying along and reaching a larger stream, a river, the mighty ocean, which is the source of all things. It does not waste any time with the obstacle, but quietly works its way around the interference and hurries on."

What is interfering in your life?  What are you resisting that you're pushing, and it isn't changing?

Today I want you to recognize that, and then realize how you can sit back and ask for answers from the Universe so life can be much easier.

After-all, we don't want a hard life...we want an easier one.


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