Creating a Vision Statement


Today I want to talk about creating our vision statement. That is your order to the universe about what you would love to manifest into your life. 

I want to encourage you not to just focus on one thing. I teach that all four quadrants are important.  Those quadrants are health, relationships, vocation and time, and money freedom. 

If you had all the money in the world and all the time the world, what would you be, do, or have? It can be anything you want to improve or something that you've always wanted to do. For health, is there an illness you want to heal? Maybe you're wanting to crawl around on the floor with your grandchildren or do a triathlon. For relationships is there one you're wanting to mend, or a soulmate you would love to bring into your life? For vocation, are you wanting a raise or start your own business? What would you love your working environment to look like? 

If you had time and money freedom, what would you love to be, do, or have? Write this in present tense as if it's already happened, “I am so thankful and grateful that…” I got my raise of $45,000. I love that I found my soulmate. 

Fill it with passion, so you can attract that energy back to you. And don't just write about what you think you can do. Write about what you would love to do. 

And if you would love to calibrate this vision statement with me, you can sign up for a strategy session. Just go to my website, or follow the link below. Because you took the time to watch this video, you get a discount of fifty percent. Type the code “SAVE50%” when signing up for the strategy session

Writing your vision statement is the first step to manifesting what you would love to come into your life. My hope is that you take the time to do that for yourself today.  I hope to talk to you soon. 



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