When Fun Turns to Frustrating


Today I want to share this video about being silly.  We are allowed to step out of our box and do something fun. When we do this, it can even bring joy to other people. Watch this video to learn more.

My hairstyle and clothing decorations are because I was interpreting at a job and it was “dress-up like a Christmas tree” day. I wanted to have fun. So I dressed up!

But then on the way home, I decided to go get my stamps for my Christmas cards. I got in, what I thought was the shortest line, but it wasn’t. Someone new was working the register, and she didn't know how to do a few things. 

All I needed to do was buy one book of stamps. I felt myself starting to get very agitated.  So the first thing I did was take deep breaths. The second thing I did was look around for a magazine to distract me. I actually read a really good article. 

The point is, there are other things you can do when you feel yourself starting to get frustrated. You can even take that time to think about your vision statement. On a side note…the first week of January, I'm going to give a workshop on developing your vision statement and getting close to what you would love to manifest in 2022. More details to come.

The bottom line is that you don't have to stay in frustration or anger. There are other options!

Instead of allowing yourself to be upset, you can practice deep breathing, find a distraction, think about what you would love and take that time to make your wish list for the new year. 

At the end of it all, I walked out to my car, sat down, and decided to let it go. I could have ruminated all the way home, but I decided not to.

Because I let it go, I got to mail off my Christmas cards and be happy with the joys that I'm experiencing with Christmas. So the next time you feel yourself getting frustrated, take some deep breaths, let it go, and have a peaceful, fun day!



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