What We Focus On So Will We Become


Let’s continue our study on Working with the Law. 

Today we're working with the Law of Thinking. Raymond Holliwell uses this quote, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so shall he be.” 

Holliwell states “The progress of the individual is largely determined by his ruling mental state because the mind is the basic factor and governing power of the entire life of man.  Attention should be given to the predominant mental state. It will regulate the action and direction of all of one's forces, which will inevitably determine many particular experiences, and the personal fate.” 

What this basically says is that as a man thinketh, so he shall become. So what we focus on...so will we become. 

So what is your predominant mental state? Is that worry and fear? Or is it looking through to a hopeful future and what you would love to pull into your life? 

Now that you've decided on what you would love to create, today is your opportunity to predominantly think about that.

Think about having it in the future, seeing it in your hands, and having that experience. 

When you hear yourself say, “There's no way this could happen, or I can’t do this”, know that it has already been created. You simply have not seen it in form.

Keep noticing what predominant mental state that you are in today, whether it's focusing on what you would love, or what you really don't want in your life.

Awareness is the greatest gift you can give yourself.



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