We Live in an Abundant Universe


We often live in a state of lack and scarcity. The most predominant area would be finances or thinking there is not enough money. There are other feelings of lack such as:

Relationships and thinking, “I don’t have enough love in my life.” 

Health: “I am not feeling good and I can’t overcome this disease.”

I want you to change your mindset that we live in an all abundant Universe. 

It doesn’t matter what sense of lack we are feeling, there are several things we can do to overcome these feelings.

1.Bless everything you have. Walk around your house and go into gratitude for every single thing you have in your home. Say, “Thank you for the beautiful pictures on the wall that are visually pleasing to me. Thank you for the hot running water. Thank you for my microwave. Thank you for my washer and dryer so I do not have to wash my clothes by hand.” I give thanks for my books because there are those in third world countries that don’t even have pen and paper. 

There is so much for us to be thankful for, and when we focus on what we do have, the Law of Abundance will create more in our lives. 

2. Give in the area you feel you have the most lack. It seems crazy, but when we take the energy to give, it will grow as well. It is called the Law of Circulation. Where you give will always come back to you. In relation to your health, give someone a cough drop to help them stop coughing. When you are having financial problems, I encourage people to tithe. This does not need to be to a church, but where you are Spiritually fed. That could be to a national park where you love to hike or to a rescue shelter because you feel most connected to God when you are with animals. 

3. Celebrate another’s success. We don’t want to go into the negativity of jealousy. We want to go into, “I am so happy for you because you just got a brand new sports car because I am about to get one too.” 

Bless everything you have, give where you are felling lack and celebrate another’s success. These three practices will get you past lack or the thoughts of scarcity and not having enough in your life. 


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