Visualization Meditation


Previously I talked about creating your vision statement. Well, I know you got that done. So now that you have it written down, you may be asking yourself, "What do I do with that?" The next step I want to encourage you to do is to start doing a visualization meditation.

The reason we do a visualization meditation is because we want to send as much energy as we possibly can to this dream which will bring it into our lives.

A great approach to this is to sit down. It does not matter if you’ve got a meditation pillow or you use a kitchen chair. Make sure it's quiet, and that you won't have any interruptions. Close your eyes. Then start the five, five, and five method which is breathe in slowly, for a count of five, hold it. Breathe out, slowly with the count of five, hold it, and do it five times. This will get you in a more calm and meditative state.

Once you feel relaxed and focused, start visualizing in your mind your vision statement that you just created. See yourself walking through the streets of Paris and then standing in line to go up the Eiffel Tower, sipping red wine while eating a seven course meal.

Or maybe you’re walking into your new house, opening up the front door, and seeing an open concept living room with a couch that seats twelve. You walk into the kitchen, see your partner cooking and smelling how good it is, and then sitting at the table to eat an amazing meal. You walk into the master bathroom and it is bigger and bigger than you ever thought it could be with marble counter tops and a spa like tub.

When you meditate about your vision, I want you to imagine it with all five senses. What are you eating? What are you smelling? What do you hear? Incorporate all five senses. Maybe you are walking along the beach and you feel the sand beneath your toes. You then sit down to drink your coffee, watching the radiant sun come into the sky.  You hear the waves splashing towards you. You see the beautiful picture of this place that you've created in your mind. You feel at peace because this is the life you want to live.

It’s important that you read your vision statement every day, but now I want you to sit down, be still and quiet, and visualize it with all five senses as if it's already there. You are getting yourself on the same energetic vibration of your dream so, it can quickly manifest into your life.


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