Passion and Challenges


When I visited Scottsdale, Arizona, I was blessed to meet, Phillip Payne, an artist and owner of the Anticus gallery. Here is what he said about passion, challenges and art. Enjoy!

Phillip started sculpting when he was 14 and opened his first gallery when he was 19. He is a big believer in art because it makes us stronger and more impactful as human beings.

He says, “To create art is to bare your soul in the hopes you will find a kindred spirit in the hearts of someone else.” 

You can create anything whether it is a business or art or a connection. We do this by being vulnerable, honest and looking for what your gifts are so you can give them to the public. 

Use your gifts not to become rich and famous, but how it can serve a need in the community.

He has manifested many of his dreams on his bucket list because as he states, “I say it out loud, live it proud and really give it everything I have every day.”

He has experienced challenges in his live. His brother died when he was nine and his father has passed away. He has been through, “Hell and high water.” But these challenges have made him stronger. 

He loves the quote, “We break until the light comes out.” It is important to connect with community, so when you are at your weakest, you can connect to your spirituality. When you find yourself breaking, he suggests to go into meditation and spiritual reading to build yourself back up.

We can go into unity with others and ask for help. He says, “With help, you can build anything.”

He emphasis, “If you are going through a challenge, it is there for a reason. It will make you a better person and give you a better gift to share with the public.”

Thank you Phillip for sharing your words of wisdom.


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