Breathing Meditation


For the month of October, I am going to focus on meditation. I want to dedicate this to my dermatologist who is having a hard time slowing down. Watch the this video to learn about alternate nostril breathing to slow your racing mind or anxious body.

This technique is relatively simple. You will use your thumb and ring finger or pinkie.(your hand will look like the Y shape) to close off different sides of your nose. Start by placing your ring finger or pinkie on your left nostril and breath in on the right side of your nose for the count of four.

Next, close the right side of your nose with your thumb and breath out through the left side for the count of four. Hold for two seconds and breath in on the same (left) side. Close the left side with your finger, open the right side to breath out. Hold for two seconds and breath in for the count of four.

Move again to the left side to breath out and then in pausing between each breath.

If you would like to add to the practice, place your pointer and middle finger between your eyebrows. This represents the third eye which is our connection to the Universe and our sixth sense. Do the same exercise as above with your thumb and ring finger. If you so choose, you can close both nostrils and hold between each out and in breath.

Continue this exercise for 3-5 minutes. I guarantee you will feel more relaxed than when you started.


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