Reading Body Language


This week we're continuing my Lessons from Sign Language Interpreter, a series about things I've learned as an interpreter and entrepreneur that will help you communicate and connect.

This one I call "reading the room" – it works especially well during conflict resolution.

First, at the beginning of a conversation, bring awareness to your own energy and notice the other person's energy.

When you walk in the room, what energy are you feeling? Sad? Angry? Happy?

Next, what non-manual markers are they giving you?

What's their body language?

Are their arms crossed in front of them in a defensive position?

Or are they open and leaning forward, which means they're more understanding and engaged?

Pay attention to your own body language so you can recognize it in others.

So my question to you this week is...

What kind of body language does somebody exude that's either happy, sad, or angry?

Recognizing body language will help you navigate any conversation, especially those that might be difficult.



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