Lessons From a Sign Language Interpreter


After my blog post last week about how I broke my pinky and the heartbreaking consequences, I received some awesome feedback. Many of you wanted to hear more about my sign language interpreter experience.

So here I go. 😊

I'm going to do an "extended broadcast" through the summer about lessons from a sign language interpreter.

I want to present about the things I've learned as an interpreter and entrepreneur, so this is excellent practice.

As I share these stories and insights in coming weeks, will you give me feedback on the lessons that you love?

I greatly appreciate it!

Sign language interpreting is a profession that I absolutely love.

You deserve to have a profession you love as well. 

If you're in a job that you really don't enjoy, please reach out to me. Let's do a strategy session.

Let's start creating a vision of what you would love to manifest in your life.


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