How to Start and Run Your Business

Hosted by Dr. Laura Cole


Many interpreters are intimidated by the prospect of becoming Independent Contractors because they often don’t understand how to set up and run their own business.  This workshop will help participants determine if they are suited for this type of work by discussing the characteristics needed to be a successful Independent Contractor. 

Participants will be shown how to compose a business plan, and the legal documentation required to become a business. Four business models will be discussed to help participants determine which business entity should be chosen in order to maximize profit in relation to tax savings. 

Examples will be given for marketing, accounting programs, and creating a rate sheet. Participants will learn how to make a rate sheet and negotiate a contract with agencies in order to get the best rate possible, and be given recommendations for scheduling, networking, invoice preparation, and documentation organization.  

Lastly, you will be taught budgeting strategies for time off, taxes, and retirement. At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will have the foundation for initiating and running a successful business.


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